Independent Shopping

It’s that beautiful time of year when gifting becomes a sport; when it’s not just the occasional birthday but a whole list of loved ones that need some thing special under the tree. I love it personally; getting to shop pretty much guilt free and everyone asks me for recommendations which I love. More chances to spread the love of independent makers and brands who create something amazing with a great story to share along with the product.

There were a few categories to choose from in last year’s gift guide based around the type of person you were shopping for but this year I had so much to include they are split by basic type. From ceramics to books there should be plenty of ideas to help you pick something special. And because they are all by unique brands or independent makers you can get something for yourself too. The more the merrier.

Pug Planter £23 /* Painted Planter / Zigzag Mug £20 / **Garden Gecko £28-£34 / Abstract Tiles £20/*** Daphne Tile £90/ Marble Bauble £15

*Hello Marliu Studio creates lots of Christmas baubles this time of year rather than plant pots but you can still find them scattered around independent boutiques like Noel Pop Up, Urban Makers East & SMUG.

** Judith does have an etsy & a website you can contact her through but best place to find her this time of year is amongst the Christmas sheds in Bath.

***This was a little experimental piece I saw at her Open Studio find her fullsized works on her website they are spectacular.

Make-Up Bag £55 / Floral TeaTowel £12 / Pencil Case £30 / Wrist Strap £25 / Scarf £39/ Rope Tote Bag £15 /Navy Napkins £30/ Forever Patch £7/ Basket £30/ Geometric Napkins £30

Prick £15 / Urban Potters £20 / Screen Printing £25 / Columbia Road £14.95 / A winters Tale £3 / Marble Notebook £30/ Sorry Print £55/* Gatsby Print £50/ **Five Gold Rings £12/*** Paper Bloom

* This is one of the Blister Pack Prints from Print Club London 50 artists, 50 prints for 50 pounds.

** Ruth is an artist at Cockpitt Arts studios and offers lots of witty illustrative pieces of papercraft. Their Deptford Open Studio is this weekend.

*** You can see a selection of their flawless paper blooms online but the best way to buy is find them at their next Christmas market appearance.


I think I’d be happy with anything on this list, how about you?

For those looking for something a little more extravagant keep an eye out for my Lux guide coming up next >>

Remember like always everything on the blog is my own opinion, no sponsored content just clients I have loved working with on their own projects, people I admire and have met recently one place or another. They are mostly great independent makers so you might not be able to get the exact item or have to search them out. Happy Shopping.