Exploring South London

It’s a little late in the game to start this blog series but maybe it’s never too late to get to know your neighbourhood. I moved back to South London in April after being born here but never living here since. It has changed a lot in 25 years, all my mum’s stories of growing of her youth are heartwarming but her recommendation for a good pub a little out of date.

Since moving my time has been taken up nesting in the new flat and surviving living with my brother for the first time since we were teenagers, not leaving a chance to wander till now. Slowly working my way out from the main drag, and excepting as many interesting recommendation as I can get.

This weekends destinations include: North Greenwich, Deptford, Nunhead.

I have spent a lot of time on the peninsula this summer with the NOW Gallery offering a Camille Walala  X Play maze that has quickly become the selfie snap of the moment. Another weekend was spent soaking up the sunshine for the Urban Village Fete and now I returned for the SAMPLE Autumn market.

The galleries emails are helpful in giving me the interesting going’s on, so I can turn up pick up another Peninsulist tote bag and just enjoy. SAMPLE offered a change of the season sample offering starting with a clothes tent, a few homeware gems and lots of food to fill up on.

Raw Edges are the designers behind the smooth, white concrete armchairs designed for two to nest, which invites all to dwell. They are going to be celebrating their launch on 12th Sep with a live performance.

Plywood Coasters

Conpot LDN

Rebel Rebel

Big thanks to Rebel Rebel for decorating the entrance arch, I love their vibrant textured combinations.

I have been wanting to walk past the Deptford train station for a while to experience the remastered Deptford Market Yard nestling independent brands under the rail arches. Including some Alfie’s cheese toasties and a house plant or two from The English Flowerhouse it’s a pretty nice welcome for anyone stepping off the train.

I have been told that Deptford is going through a burst of creativity with lots of arts studios growing from their roots in the area but for me it’s still a little stuck between places. However with a few dark alley gin bars popping up I am willing to give it another look.

This is a stop I travel through all the time on my way in to the city see a garden centre just next to the station and always wanting to investigate.

The Nunhead Gardener

They are a specialist in house plants but have a picturesque outdoor space filled with a nice selection of long planter pots and essential garden plants. The inside is housed under the rail arches (obviously a feature I like in an outing) narrow little passages rammed with green botanics, pots and tools.

With a little while to wait for the train and arms full of plants, google told me of a pizza place was but 7 minutes away.

Four Hundred Rabbits

I am so glad I stayed out for lunch which included a cheeky glass of Rose, sourdough pizza and finished off with a blood orange sorbet. It’s a great little place with colourful branding and a local vibe, it filled up towards the evening and I imagine is a staple of the street.

Then it was home for some washing and a nap, day out over.