Exploring London – A free lunch in Notting Hill

It’s not everyday you get offered a free lunch so when deciding where to go off exploring – I might have been swayed in Notting Hill’s favour. So a slightly rainy Wednesday a couple of weeks ago I set off for Pedlars to share in their celebration of a new cafe menu.

” Based in North Wales with this general store and café in Notting Hill They sell wonderful homewares, stationery and gifts, varied from pieces produced here in Britain to vintage items from across the globe.”

It’s well curated, full of design ranges and interesting products with stories to tell. Having a whole section and events line up for their Vintage market place. This general store amazingness is now added to with a tasty menu on top of their coffee offering. You can shop and browse alongside a slice of cake or a selection of sandwiches making your stay longer and more enjoyable. The decor is the perfect combination of original features, bright coloured paint combos and oddities to study.

They were offering a free lunch to all who came to join them, serving up until the plates ran dry. Full of locals and supporters who were obvious lovers of the atmosphere and team behind the scenes. It’s set just off Portobello Road market on Talbort Road ready for you to drop by and enjoy.

So here is what I ate >>

And here are some of my favourite pieces from the shop! A really wide selection of stationery and vintage finds that are a unisex gift treasure trove. Full of eccentricities  and specific items you could be searching for.

After my delightful lunch break I found myself in the centre of Portobello Road and wondering where to go next. Helpfully on Pedlars online journal they have an Instagram worthy guide to the area to help you look around. So I started there and just meandered back to the underground station, no need to hurry.

Just a door or so down from Pedlars is The Distillery apparently one of the worst kept secrets in West London. A Gin bar with its own distillery, boardroom, private dining and 3 lodging rooms right about the bustling market road.


There is colour everywhere; in house renders, store fronts, market stalls & street art. Even on this slightly gloomy midweek day I enjoyed my stroll taking in the area, everyone was relaxed and conversational.

As a popular filming location I recognised lots of settings and features from the movies, I can very much see why it such a desirable area and tourist trap to visit.



Love these guys, a sparkly boutique which has a sister store in Brick Lane and will bring out anyone’s inner peacock.


This is the sort of place my weirdness comes out, the sort of place you need in your address book so when you are redecorating and want something specific you can browse. I just acted like a nutter, a major magpie moment and pick a couple of random door handles, cabinet fittings, hooks and took one of each home with me. Don’t go in alone if you can’t be trusted.

Thanks for the invite Fab & the rest of the Pedlars Team >>