At play with Camille Walala

Not too long ago I attending the opening of the latest Camille Walala offering to the world. It has been named the top site to take an Instagram selfie this summer and splashed across every design news outlet imaginable. So I think I would be remiss if I didn’t wow you with some pictures and pattern and convince you to go to the NOW Gallery, North Greenwich for yourselves.

The opening night got more than 1000 RSVP’s and included several lines with time slots to get your moment in the maze. It was strict no shoes so you get to explore in child like excitement, catching yourself in the mirrors as you navigate around the relatively small space inside. A key part of this installation is solving a puzzle of design inconsistencies. The Walala studio has bought this concept off the page and into a three-dimensional space, with secret spots, suspended elements that physically encourage you to be more aware.

I loved selecting little pieces of pattern from sprinkles & stripes, from flat spaces to edges & meeting points. It is a cornucopia of bold colour and general fun that I enjoying walking around and lucky for me it’s on my way home so I even found time to go back again during the day for more pictures.

So what’s your favourite: a watermelon swatch, monochrome stripes, mirror sprinkles? Camille Walala is taking her designs to a new form, phone cases with Swag my Case you can get a little bit of pattern for your pocket. So which would you choose?

I am not a selfie fan but I couldn’t leave without taking a few. Some without meaning to due to all the mirrors catching you from every angle (scary), lots of my favourite teal colour in there too.

Planning your own visit.

WALALA X PLAY 14- July – 24 Sep

MON – THUR 10am – 7pm

Walk in welcome

FRI 10am – 7pm SAT & SUN 11am – 4pm

Booking via their website essential

But it’s still completely free to visit.