ROME – Traveller

Hopefully those who are also following my Instagram will know that I finally went on holiday this month. A sneaky little trip to Rome to celebrate my brother turning 30 – with lots of pasta and a few crisp Italian beers. However I couldn’t really go to Rome and not take in the amazing history that is woven so thoroughly in to the capital. Whether we were just walking around the winding streets on the search for a good lunch spot or taking in the sun as we toured some of the must see tourist traps, there was so much beauty around us. In each brick of architecture you can find inspiration and wonder.

I took lots of images, way too many to upload or edit but I thought I’d give you a little more of peak in to what we got up to. Incase your planning your own trip or want to take a mental trip to escape for just a few minutes, enjoy these galleries. And if you want to ask anything, please do. I am dying to re-live it.

Walking Around Ancient Rome

Architecture thy name is Rome

Vatican CITY

Coliseum for the Win


Shopping in the Sunshine

Eating like a king