Spotlight: Limehouse Ceramic

I have been introduced to some amazing ceramists this Spring with a growing number of new names coming to the fairs & markets I like to frequent. I was spoilt for choice when it came to choosing someone for a Spotlight but decided to go with someone I actually purchased from not that long ago.

With all the events I go to and wonderful crafts people I meet I have to be very selective when I buy something. I look for technique & quality of process as well as uniqueness of design, knowing I bought straight from the maker means I get to know exactly what I am buying.

Elizabeth from Limehouse Ceramics works out of you guessed it, her home studio in Limehouse. A wonderful space lined with floor to ceiling drying shelves filled with different stages of finished products. Just 7 months in to her professional journey as a maker, her young business stood out for her ability & dedication.  Elizabeth’s technique depends on a very long drying out process to avoid warping, adding features like handles and coloured slips as she goes.

She memory throws particular shapes that makes the pieces similar in size and pretty uniform in shape but they are handmade with beautiful variations that proves their handmade title. For a handmade ceramist Elizabeth’s work is very precise all made with only a small collection of tools: her wheel & kiln’s her big investments amongst them. I was fascinated to find out that due to the drying out her pieces shrink in size from 30 to 50% of the original size, an interesting obstacle when visualising the end result. Find out more of the technical on Elizabeth’s FAQ’s.

From humble beginnings, at the end of the garden path, Elizabeth has managed to create several wonderful collections that continue to grow. Starting out as just a hobby and a 10 week pottery class she found a true passion & obsession that took over more than just her husbands man cave. It is liberating to be able to create what she likes, changing clays and making as many pieces as there are hours in the day.

All the vibrant glazes are the result of improving recipes to get the exact finish she wants: Hummingbird, Pinstripe & Peppermint amongst them.

Elizabeth had two new teapots drying out, the first of their kind, she loves experimenting creating new products that she get’s to test out at the variety of markets she sells at. Elizabeth is a strong believer in the market trade, it allows her to have complete independence.

Whilst we talked, Elizabeth drinking from her one off ex-large tea cup, I got to hear about how she balances life working for herself, her pro’s & con’s of shared studios and more exciting ideas for new pieces. It was a wonderful afternoon of chat, filled with arty references whilst being entertained in her beautiful home. If you want a piece for yourself…

You can find Limehouse Ceramics selling at:

2nd April Solo Craft Fair, Brixton

6th May Crafty Fox Market, Oval Space

28th May Independent Ceramics Market, Peckham

2nd July LimeFest at Ropemakers Fields, Limehouse

Or purchase from her online shop at

It was wonderful to meet Elizabeth & I can’t wait to

see more of her work in the future. Marrying function & beauty.