How to rock Mothers Day

It is about 19 days till Mothers Day, the date (in the UK) when we tell our mothers we love them just because we should. I mean I try tell my mother all the time but giving them a national holiday seems like a good idea just to make sure. Celebrating the day with gifts has become pretty standard but as always its the thought behind the gesture rather than the item itself that’s what’s important. So with the idea of ‘Mother’ in mind, here are some of my gifting ideas to accompany your hugs, kisses and day of MUM.

Sarah K Benning

Contemporary Botanical Embroidery Ring Patterns

Buy the pdf download on ETSY and then using the helpful guide buy the supplies needed for the pattern giving mum a nice crafty way to spend the afternoon. (Even better buy enough for two and spend time creating together!) I’d also keep an eye out in her website shop for her original pieces that are the moment all sold out (cause they are amazing) but are worth it if you manage to grab one.

Jenny Sibthorp

Daisy Textile Printed Textiles

I LOVE Jenny, she handprints some amazing designs and is my go to for gift ideas. My mothers favourite flower is actually a daisy so any of her Daisy print collection would be very well received. Everything is functional as well as beautiful, with lots of products to choose from.

Dinara mirtalipova

Tea Towel Selection

Dinara is one of my Instagram stalks all the way in the USA, an illustrator/designer that can doodle like I dream. Her intricate folklore influenced designs are so cheerful and amazing to watch be created. If your mothers cooking is like no other (and as a result spends a fair bit of time in the kitchen) a bright tea towel could be a great addition.

Hazel Nicholls

Boobs on everything

Hazel Nicholls is a cheeky London designer who creates with the help of someone I love Wild & Wolf! I recently noticed a new design pop up on her feeds direct from her hand … Boobs! What a better gift for the women who nursed you. Some wonderful multi purpose ceramic jugs with hand drawn detail (that aren’t available just yet BUT hopefully will be in time for mothers day) or order fabric & wrap directly from Spoonflower (don’t worry a percentage makes its way back to the designer).

Cleo ferin mercury

Playful Animal Print Scarves

Another new find thanks to Instagram Cleo makes wonderful silk scarves amongst other quality accessories. First choose your animal, then your size and await some beautiful selfies. Cleo inherited her love of scarves from her Parisian grandmother and I got my first Liberty print silk scarf from my mother as a graduation present, lots of emotions all round with this gift idea.

So make sure you have it circled – Sunday 26th March – show the women who made you that you care.

*All images in this blog post were taken from the individual artists websites & shops – all photography amazing-ness goes to them and their hard work.