Eduardo Paolozzi returns to Whitechapel

It’s a name that took me a couple of minutes to place but all you needed to say was Tottenham Court Road mosaic and I’m with you. Eduardo Paolozzi signature is dotted around the underground station just hinting at Paolozzi amazing influence. The mosaic completed in the 1980s and in recent years restored along with the rest of the station brought attention back to the artist.

tcr-mosaic-reconstruction-the-guardianAbove Photo Credit: The Guardian Online


He first exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery in 1956 as part of the radical project ‘This is Tomorrow’ and now returns posthumously with a chronology of four decades of his work. From tapestry and fabric design to ceramics, bronze casting and welding Paolozzi’s style transverse medium but above all his printing is what brought me through the door.

Lots of mixed media layered collage that adds a great depth of interest along with culture reference from the time. With some obvious homage to Picasso but also wholly his own man as his work develops in to what is widely considered the birth of pop art.

Born in Edinburgh to an Italian immigrant family he moved around during and after the Second World War eventually settling in Essex establishing a design company called Hammer Prints Limited. After producing a wide selection of commercial work and dabbling in teaching, he came to what I think was a high point in the 60s with his exploration of screen printing.

The exhibition is split between the main gallery and two floors as you move through a wide selection of works in size and significance. Finding yourself favourites amongst this collection brought from all over the world, to this corner of East London. Really enjoyed my visit and left with the hefty exhibition book to admire later.

At the Whitechapel Gallery till 14th May 2017. Tickets Available online & on the door.