Pantone Greenery: I’ll show you greenery!

Not that long ago now Pantone announced 2017’s colour of the year and we were presented with Greenery PANTONE 15-0343 to be really precise. It’s bright, bold and symbolic of new beginnings, supposedly. I am not a Pantone obsessive but I love a bit of advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about. In terms of colour there is no one who knows more than them.

Greenery is a fresh yellow-green shade that’s a bold natural green evoking lush jungle foliage and fresh grass. With the days of spring fast approaching I imagine it will be making its way in to lots of designers clipboards.

Greenery is nature’s neutral. The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their need to be surrounded by natural beauty. This why I find people living in the city actually appreciate green spaces all the more, whether it be a park near their office or the line up of plant pots on their bedroom window sill. So without looking to much like the LV car insurance advert, let’s see what we can do to fill our lives with greenery!

If you need some plant life for your home then look no further than PRICK an amazing cacti shop in Dalston. Only 6 months in the shop but Gynelle is obviously a expert in her field of short & prickly friends.

492 Kingsland Road London E8 4AE –

Or maybe you just need a day out amongst the wildlife? Go no further than KEW GARDENS London’s own botanical garden. Just a few stops on the (Green) District Line out towards Richmond and you can be surrounded by immaculate shrubs, grasses and blooms from all over the world.

Royal Botanical Garden Kew Richmond Surrey TW9 3AB – 

If you go before the 5th March included in the price of admission is a chance to view the Indian themed Orchid Festival that’s a colourful eden of plant styling and display all inside a greenhouse.

If like me real plants make you sneeze and have a permanent black thumb when it comes to remembering to water them then you could get your greenery fix through print instead. Nowhere better for a little affordable art shopping than PRINT CLUB LONDON were you can browse their online shop and come across several personal favourites.

10-28 Millers Avenue Dalston London E8 2DS –
Alice Kiteley, Clare Halifax, Eve Lloyd Knight, Lucille Clerc

If that’s got your inner decorating bug going then here are some lush homeware items that are pinterest worthy. Think natural materials or quirky botanical shapes to bring the outdoors in and improve your general happiness.


All that shopping must have made you hungry and top of your healthy greens list should be a stop at BOROUGH MARKET for fresh produce. Top of my list are a new fruity favourite Custard Apples but there are lots of global choice available. Be adventurous and try something new, get advice on combinations from these expert tradesmen. 

8 Southwark Street London SE1 1TL –

Don’t fancy cooking then FEED ME PRIMAL is conveniently located at Boxpark Croydon a lovely train station intersection for South London. There’s alot to choose from but nothing healthier but also yummy than Gemma’s cave man style cooking. 

99 George Street London CR0 1LD –

And if you need a healthy foody event for your diary then coming up soon will be the return of the lovely Gluten Free Street Food Festival, (previous in Camden) who’s logo I have on good authority (I designed it) is in PANTONE 15-0343 More about that to come.


So here’s all the love to you Pantone, fab colour choice, let’s start a tally of how many times it makes an appearance this year. Happy colouring!