Book Review: How to Style your brand

Wooo it’s my first book review on Design Curator, if you have followed me all the way from my old website you’ll know I am a big book nerd! The only thing I have more of than pens & pencils are books. I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to paper, collecting little unknown editions or buying an old vintage book just for the beat up leather cover. I like to think the topics are pretty diverse too from old fashioned crime to glossy photo books.

It was pretty hard to decide what to review first I had a selection stacked on a shelf that I though would be great but then I got distracted and had myself a cuppa, looked down at my coffee table and realised I had a book on it. “How to Style your Brand” By Fiona Humberstone hasn’t left my side in weeks! After recommending it to two clients recently and constantly using it for reference it was an obvious choice.

you’ll discover how to create a distinctive brand identity

To be honest that’s a bit of an understatement, I do a lot of research before recommending anything to clients when they come to me for some design assistance. I may be able to doodle a thing or two but it takes years to really understand what to create… and why it will or won’t work for it’s purpose. Fiona’s book is an amazing culmination of every single step you need to take, all in a single book that you can and will continue to reference.

Starting with all the sorts of things you have to ask yourself at the planning stage before you create anything. These are really important as lots of people just start designing without proper planning to help establishing their goals & expectations.

I consistently use the steps in Fiona’s books when creating myself, e.g suggesting to clients to create moodboards (vision boards) to help them visualise what they want me to create. Fiona also doesn’t just provide the explanation but perfectly chosen real life examples of styled brands to show you what’s possible.

I particularly like the frankness of sections like ‘Choosing the right designer’ that gives you the logistics as well as the dreamy part of hiring someone to help. It can’t all be puppy dogs & happily ever after, there’s hard work and important steps that need to be taken for good results.

Of course creating a logo is just the first building block of great branding, stemming from that you need to build a brand bible (brand book) to create your website & physical assets. However How to Style your Brand is a great first step to get you on the right path.

Buy Fiona’s book for yourself from amazon or check out her website where you can find lots of other great advice & free downloadable goodies.