Southbank Printmakers exhibition in Gallery @ OXO

Now last summer was like a printmaking awakening for me writing for the wonderful PrintClubLondon and getting to rediscover what I feel in love with all those years ago, at college. Since then I have been trying to scrap together an understanding of the medium again and discovering just how diverse the options & outcomes can be. From the more well known silk screen printing to etchings and drypoint there is so much to enjoy about the processes!

So when I got a newsletter through from the lovely Kethi Copeland telling me about a print exhibition coming up at the OXO gallery I knew I had to check it out. The exhibition was a collection of artist from


one of the great community gallery spaces that is staffed by the artists themselves. So the morning after the private view I was one of the first through the doors at the OXO wharf gallery to check it out.

The lovely easy access gallery was chocked full of artworks all a wide variety of sizes and styles. I did several laps taking in the artists offerings delighting in the variety of mixed media work, mixing up different printing techniques and hand finishing. It was also lovely to have a couple of the artists to talk to Hil Scott & Lucie Green I got to find out more about Southbank Printmakers & the work that went in to the exhibition.

Some lovely pieces that drew my eye amongst great company:

Kethi Copeland



The exhibition is on during the galleries closure, so if you are after an affordable work of art of the print variety check out the exhibition on till 19th February 11-6pm. Enjoy.