New Year Same Stuff

The first blog post of a new year is always difficult, after the break for Christmas you feel this pressure to write something predictive for the year to come. I am no oracle with a revelation to confess and I try not to make any huge resolutions or goal lists that never seem to get fulfilled, instead I like to just talk about the present.

January & February are when my procrastination powers are on high (It’s been over a month since my last post?!*!?) and I tend to hibernate like our furry bear cousins. This post keeps being started and stopped, pictures taken & thrown out a real never ending creative block that seems to stop me from moving on with anything else. And there is so much good stuff to come! With the Spring trade shows getting under way I am going to be out and about in London looking forward to all the new designs popping up for this year.

So what does that mean for Design Curator … well, lots more of the same: craft projects numbered to a million, Spotlight’s on artists, designers, brands to highlight for their amazing creativity, event coverage full of hundreds of images for you to explore. There are also going to be some new ideas making an appearance: book & product reviews top of that list.

So if you were wondering about ‘The Plan’ well there is definitely a make-over in the works, with the plan to launch it all in time for DC’s 1st birthday in May. Can’t really believe it’s taken me (a designer by trade) a year to sort out but then  all good things take time. I am still working as a content manager for some amazing clients with a few new projects in the works including a health food festival, a restaurant mural & rebranding a craft business. Expect lots of behind the scenes action on some of that to spill in to the Design Curator feed.

So what’s you plan for 2017? Any big life affirming plans you want to share? Or maybe something worth being included here on Design Curator? I’d love to hear from you, so drop me a line and good luck for the year ahead.