Spotlight: Lorna Syson

I have been lucky enough to know Lorna for a while now having fallen in love with her nature collections almost instantly over a year ago. She is very worthy of a designer spotlight here on Design Curator and I couldn’t wait to find out more about what she is up to this Christmas. Meeting her in her studio at Cockpit Arts Deptford during their Open Studio weekend.


Lorna finds inspiration for her designs from nature, after growing up photographing the countryside she wanted to capture the beauty in the everyday through her work. Now living in the city she continues to captivate people with her snapshots of flora & fauna you can find almost anywhere. Her latest garden collection are a particularly stunning array of plants she admired from her own roof terrace as well as a whole range of communal outdoor spaces.

Jenkins, Lorna’s furry companion has helped her discover ways of appreciating green spaces, making her search out nature and promote it where ever she can. Spreading wild seeds for bees in her buildings car park and enjoying it more than if she had her own garden space to take for granted. Her passion for greenery I think really comes across and is infectious, for once you own one of her products you want more!


Her latest achievement, a pretty big one, is having a selection of her fabrics available in 12 John Lewis stores across the country. Most of her patterns have a soft and warm colour pallet that is so interchangeable allowing you to mix & match them together. Her fabrics mix so well in to a variety of interior styles and am sure are going to prove very popular.

As we talk behind the desk of her wonderfully set up studio as a mock shop; 7 years since the birth of her brand and 4 years in to her life at Cockpit Arts, we spoke of how she got there. At Cockpit the support system has really allowed her to grow, through a mentoring programme and the sense of community that could only come from its fellow residents.

Elsewhere in the building Lorna’s Christmas set up really paints a picture of what festive home life is like. It being December of course we spoke of her  plans doing just a select three quality fairs this year, on top of the open studios of course. Otherwise the best place to shop Syson is on her wonderful online platform, full of perfect gifting choices.

However Lorna’s designs are not just for Christmas, working for spring birthdays, mothers day and more. With the new year bringing lots more new projects from an extended pet card range to illustrating a mystery bird book. As Lorna explores the ins and outs of greetings cards her product collections continue to grow including exclusive pieces available just from her.

With all Lorna’s success I asked her about what her 10 year dream and she has some great plans. From a collaborative stand at Decorex, full of gorgeous  interiors to her own shop with just the right atmosphere & little studio behind. I think her designs will continue to please countless customers wherever you may find her. So definitely check her out at & indulge! Bring some of the beauty of the outdoors indoors with her finely made interiors & gifts.

So an all important bit of info, Lorna’s last Christmas delivery date: before 10pm on Wednesday 21st to guarantee for Friday 23rd. Also all orders before then get a free notebook with their order! Great stocking filler, thanks Lorna.