There is nothing quite like Renegade

This has taken me ages to get out after Renegade a couple of weeks ago there was way to many amazing traders to visit during the few hours I had spare that Saturday morning. Getting full in to the Christmas gifting swing I had my eyes peeled for thoughtful presents from across the spectrum of independents from stationery to botanicals; fashion to art.

So with no need to sing more of Renegades praises than show you some of the curated talent they bring together, quality is high I warn you now. My favourite thing though is the makers themselves, many sharing stalls with a comrade but also buying from others they admire; they REALLY support each other. With lots of prominent seasonal trends on offer but also unique ideas you really can’t find anywhere else.


Some nice clay pieces, particularly Beth’s constallation works, lots of colour and fun. Perfect trinket dishes for secret santa’s that can be used for jewellery, keys, change whatever you like.


Been in love with Charlotte’s prints since the Affordable Art Fair and was happy to get to peruse some of her smaller works and designs across notebooks and tea towels. There is plenty for animals lovers to choose from and I highly recommend anything with a stamp design.


I am usually not very impressed with candles, they don’t usually strike me as a particularly personal gift but the scents of Clement & Claude are really perfect. As hard as it is to describe smells, they each have a real nostalgic quality that draws you back to a personal experience. Quality, natural and well priced.


You might be familiar with Emma’s illustrative work or her very Instagram worthy ceramics from Etsy but for this Renegade I think her hand painted broaches kind of stole the show. Cat lovers flocked to her stall in delight, of which I am one #catladiesunite.


My love for Sophie is pretty public if my latest spotlight on geo – fleur is anything to go by and I am not the only one. Full of botanical loveliness, design gems and as of late some stella collaborations; she is a staple of your Christmas list you don’t want to miss out on.


I personally walked away with a piece of Elizabeth’s ceramics wonderfully made in London. Each by hand and without constraint of uniformity making each piece personally unique. A women of many great talents, ceramics being just one.


Screen printed textiles are getting better and better, Miesje Chafer being a prime example. A neon colour pallet, geometric shapes and handmade I would be happy to get one of her pieces under my tree, particularly one her textile plant pots.


For something a little different graphic designer Veronika brings notes of nature and her own heritage to create educational products that promote a conversation. She gave me a little introduction to risograph printing qualities and the advantage to 2 colour pass printing.


A long time favourite of mine, leather pouches that are super soft and shine with gold patterns. With plenty of sizes, colours they have endless purposes and make perfect gifts on their own or filled with something personal.


These leather goods come a fair way from sunny Devon, a textile graduate Rosie that has a lovely colour pallet and is really stylish. She is a young designer always trying something new so worth keeping an eye on.


Yet again another gift that can easily turned cliche, the scarf, but Suzie’s fresh colour combinations mixed with traditional patterns and process gets them on to my christmas list.


I think this was one of the most photographed stalls, with a great story behind it to match. Handwoven by collectives in Africa to create decorative storage baskets in every size, The Basket Room is a great cause with a lovely product as a result.


One of my last stops but glad I didn’t miss it. Charlotte combines architectural inspiration with textiles to create great woollen fashion & homeware pieces. With subtle natural tones her items are very unisex and sharable.

lots of renengade makers have made it in to my christmas gift guides, so expect more craft design products to come!