This years 7 days of Christmas with Spirit Fairs

Christmas is well on the way and there is no better way to start ticking things of my list than, Spirit of Christmas. A ginormous fair of some of the best retail offerings available all under the roof of Olympia for one week long shopping dash. Just like last year I took my mother, because no one is a better shopping companion. She is also a great help when it comes to stopping the aggressive elbow’s of over enthusiastic attendees, of this year there was a lot…

There is really nothing quite like the fast passed browsing that goes on at Spirit, you can let you eye just rove around the isles and catch on anything that grabs your interest. After coming last year I knew a lot of the big players and had a few favourites that I wanted to see again, but on to whats new!

So lets start with some of the things I actually bought from Spirit, not naming any names but you guys can try guess who’s getting what.



The first thing I bought for my lovely mother after about half an hour of deciding, made from super soft eel skin, a wonderful warm grey purse and electric teal Oyster card holder. A leather I hadn’t heard of before but found really flexible and stylish, I wish I had bought one of the iPad grab clutches for myself though.


Some adorable hippo print boxers, a nice little addition to sleep attire for anyones wardrobe. Beaufort & Blake are a British shirter twisting contemporary designs with classic style. Their prints are a little wild for a full shirt for me but the little cuff and collar details are just right.

ASSIA – A small shop from Africa

After seeing a beautiful black lacquer tray in Spirits display I spent most the fair  looking for it. I found it eventually on the balcony fully of beautiful painted trays in bold colours all themed on animals from the African continent. I ended up with a bag full of bits and I wasn’t the only one.



I love Cambridge Imprint, they are a stationery dream with plenty of designs in a yummy rainbow of colours. They are perfect for gifting, with a full range of prices and little pieces for the home and desk. I spent ages choosing just the right coloured box file to fill with little bits and bobs for that perfect homeware touch.


I love Esmie stunning silky paper covers, I admire them on my walk through Liberty’s Stationery room every visit. It was great to get a cheeky event discount on some of the end of season stock and check out their display.


This was the biggest surprise for me at the show, brushes! So many brushes! With a huge display of items I didn’t even know existed and made with such a high quality. Everyone couldn’t help but run their hands across them and I left with possibly the oddest one a brush brush, to help clean my hair brush.


There was a lot to explore, with a full venue and a large crowd, Christmas music and lots of shiny babbles. I wish I had a bigger wallet to go with it. Here are some more awesome products and displays that caught my eye.

Happy Christmas planning!