Spotlight: Sophie from geo-fleur

Very excited to have made time in two very busy schedules to have a real chat with the lovely Sophie from geo-fleur. I keep seeing her at fun things like Design Junction and in Print Clubs studio but never seem to have time for a good natter. So I put an interview on the books for Design Curator to make it nice an official.

I used the opportunity to visit Sophie in her Stratford shop which has been HQ since August. After an invite to collaborate from the Earl of East London to join East Villages first ‘Makers Market’ they ended up with an even bigger space next door! Enough room for a small jungle of a shop as well as a busy workshop and plant hospital. It’s nice to see with all of geo-fleur’s online & pop up aspects there is still a bricks ‘n’ mortar presence you can return too.


So where else to start but at the beginning, which for geo – fleur was back in October 2014 at Christmas and craft markets around the city. Lots of designer makers and independents start at wonderful fairs like those, with geo – fleur being a successful example.

Sophie started geo – fleur as an urban plant lover with an Instagram obsession  and her first ever terrarium commission for a friends wedding. It has slowly become one of the front runners in the succulents trend race but they do so much more than that. With a true affinity with Scandinavian design and a botanical knowledge nothing short of a pro, Sophie is bringing her love for plants to the masses.

time-for-a-polishAfter a really successful Kickstarter campaign, they really took it to the next level with the birth of plant subscriptions, new concrete planter designs and more workshops than you can shake a stick at. A really thought out rewards system led to a devoted fan base and a booming Instagram following that pretty much takes care of the advertising strategy.

In the last year alone Sophie has ticked off several dream list items: being approached to style the Turner Prize at Tate Britain being right at the top. As I said at the beginning I keep running in to Sophie in all the best places; LDF VIP lounges, Stylist Live competition prizes and just last weekend at Renegade Craft Fair. It’s hard to talk about botanicals in the city at the moment without geo – fleur cropping up.


What to expect in the months to come? Sophie promises more of her own planter designs, her latest enamel pin design in collaboration with Jacqueline Colley as well as a print exclusively for her & of course CHRISTMAS! With more alternative wreath workshops in the calendar and plenty of activity in the online shop.

Some quick fire questions:

Favourite plant at the moment? New bonsai circular concrete planters.


If you could give a plant to anyone who & what would it be? Beyonce definitely, something sassy like a 6 ft’  Variegate Monstera.

Dream next project? More large sculptural commissions, I have a fine art origin so would like to great more creative.

Wow, what a whirlwind of activity! and an awesome combination of botanical knowledge and contemporary design. geo – fluer is not just a job for Sophie, she hands out advice, re-pots planters people bring her and relishes the chance to pick out plants for her customers. With such a trend lead business it’s going to be interesting to see what Sophie does in the future and how many people she can convert with her green thumb.

For those looking in to 2017 already sophie’s first book comes out in may “A guide to indoor gardening” with some more killer illustrations from jacqueline colley and lots of styling advice from the lady herself.