Artist Spotlight: Clare Halifax

I am way over due for another Artist Spotlight I have been spoilt for choice writing for Print Club London this summer with professional artists who both dabble as well as screen print exclusively. Clare has a wonderful origin story as a multi disciplinary printmaker with a vast education in the process that has evolved to specialise in limited edition screen prints.

I first met Clare outside of the studio, which I think is really interesting. All the artists so easily relax and slip in to the comfy atmosphere at the studio, I wanted to find out what drives Clare outside of the process, the inspiration behind her work. I ended up choosing the place after reading up on some of her latest work: the Barbican.

Clare’s most recognizable work is her detail orientated architectural and landscape pieces that are in her personal illustrative style. She creates a great connection between people and places by recreating known buildings and fusing them with this a great perspective, with little details from the surrounding landscape: trees, signage, animals etc.

Each piece starts with an initial hand rendered drawing then she has to move things digital to help with repeating patterns and making the all important decision of how many colours – layers. Her latests selection of botanical works have really pushed her comfort zone with a selection of panoramas and lots of  clever uses of negative space. With some of her vines and leaves just creeping on to the paper they are very worthy of their leafy inspiration.

At the moment she having fun exploring an alphabet series with some unique colour choices. By restricting herself to only 3 colours she really has to explore the dynamic of the layers and focus on the process, which she is excellent at if I do say so. I watched her print some to really get a feel for the latest collection, we meet back up at the letter D, for Dog.

It was a stella experience getting to see Clare’s set up for the morning with all her little tips and tricks after years of printing (soup pots make the best mixing pots apparently) making it an honourable experience. I kept asking loads of little questions as Clare took a worthy amount of time getting everything just so. Mixing the correct shade of pink, lining up her acetate test layer with a few tongue alignment jokes thrown in for good measure it was great fun.

Clare’s a little messy which I love, that and more make her such a wonderful London print artist! Influenced by her everyday environment she is able to put pen to paper with such ease. She can’t imagine doing anything other than her creative work and I hope she never has to. I enjoyed chatting so much and got loads of recommendations for everything from fellow artists to one a kind cactus shops. I will be keeping an eye out for the rest of the alphabet as they come off the printing bed and eagerly awaiting Clare’s return to building sketches. Might invite her out for a drawing trip, what do you think?

Lots of the images are my own but with a few instagram grabs of Clare’s work. Find lots of her prints available to buy on her website.