Type Tasting Workshop

When it came to picking a workshop I just couldn’t miss the chance to hear Sarah Hyndman talk about the personalities of typography. Through an intensive hour workshop Sarah put small groups of people through their paces with experiments, games and demonstrations to explore and analyse how we interact with type.


It was but a tasting of Sarah’s research delivered in an easy to understand booklet and visual aids. Our small group found out the differences between fonts and why the choices you make says something about yourself as well as the reaction you are going to get from others.

The important of these decisions are key for brands, understanding how to choose a suitable font for the occasion. Sarah is on a mission to make typography not just accessible for designers but exciting with just a little bit of magic for everybody.

I left with a renewed sense of interest in typography alongside some new font samples, my work booklet and a certificate! It threw me right back in to my uni days, giddy with the praise without the bore of textbook learning. Want to find out more about Sarah and Type tasting for yourself here are some links: