Designersblock is a showcase of both emerging and established designers that specialise in bringing pop-up operations to events all over the world. Through innovation and pioneering work they are often the top of organisers list to bring their special curation skills to an event, including LDF.

This year they returned to OXO Tower Wharf occupying the Barge House with a selection of creatives from contemporary art, modern lighting, interactive learning, fashion textiles and more. It was an interesting venue to explore with a contemplative atmosphere as you climbed the building, finding new discoveries in each room.

Just a couple of designers/products that caught my eye:


Iridescent’s like you have never seen them before! That’s what Toby offered with his display of new lighting designs. Very flexible geometric shapes that work individually as a statement or in a cluster for powerful impact.


The mastermind with a saw and the women behind the hand pointer signs scattered around the building. Camilla has a hilarious sense of humour which she puts directly in to her work, both sculpture and illustrations.


I have actually heard Vanessa Harden speak about her public intervention products before, in Camden, specifically about some interesting devices to promote the urban guerrilla gardening subculture. With a more refined approach to seed pills and a renewed interest in the project I loved finding out more.


Fiona is a talented illustrator who combines a classic illustrative style with new technologies. Her latest project The Merry Go Round illustrates a famous poem by Rainer Maria Rilke (1906) within a panelled concertina book that shows the passage of plot and time.