Artist Spotlight: Rose Electra Harris

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of meeting the wonderful printmaker Rose Electra Harris and getting to talk to her about her artistic journey from where it all began; to becoming part of the Print Club London family and finally what’s coming next to the print rack.


Rose was top of the list of Print Club artists I wanted to meet, after happening upon one of her prints in The Cross shop in Holland Park. Her use of vibrant bold blocks of colour and a hand drawn finish made for enjoyable viewing & intrigued me to learn more about her inspiration. So I was very excited when Print Club sent me off to talk to Rose in her stunning Chelsea home.

Roses' LivingRoom


Rose was an art student through and through starting out as a painter, feeling comfortable with its informality. It was upon starting her degree at Brighton that she was spurred on to explore other mediums, discovering etching. After fighting against insecurities and getting more private with her work she became dedicated to perfecting her craft.


Rose is surrounded by supportive influences: whether it be her very knowledgable family and the brimming bookcases of interiors & antiques reference books or the beauty she finds in everyday room scenes or objects. By giving her unique perspective Rose creates a distinct style that is very enjoyable and accessible. She continues to experiment with layering up her images finding new ways of expanding her format.

Her etchings are collaged with stunning Japanese paper to enhance colour and depth. Rose feels very strongly about using quality material and remaining loyal to those who helped her on her journey; using the same Brighton framer even after returning to London.


Starting at Print Club London was like a revelation, after letting the expense of the etching process promote a change, Rose’s confidence grew with each new print design. The Printernship programme provided purpose and an amazing group of people to learn from, the atmosphere continues to be a friendly and encouraging.

By not restricting herself to the ideals of a ‘perfect print’ Rose really explores the variety of outcomes. After drawing up a design she prints the first layer and often lays over acetate to draw the next layer by hand. It can take months to complete a series with each print ending up unique and vibrant.

Her latest series of prints ‘Vase in my Bedroom’ come in a wide selection of colour ways with several exclusively available from the Print Club London shop.


I asked Rose about working outside the fine art field talking through some commercial commissions she’s done in the past and what I got from it was the real understanding she has of her niche and where her work well…works. The very literal way her prints come out suits her and only projects that really excite her get the attention. With a desire to dabble in ceramics and the possibility of a textile pattern on the cards Rose’s journey is only just beginning.

Rose Profile Shot Steps 2

Rose can still be found at Print club as a technician on Tuesdays if you want to talk process or print outcomes with her. You can also see some new super large scale pieces from her at The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea in October.