My favourite London Florists you want a bouquet from

Something that belongs on every high street and quiet neighbourhood street corner, a florist. Whether you are a flora & fauna lover or you just know they make a nice treat for your other half, everyone uses the florist at some point. There are some serious floral artists in London and about fifty ‘Top 10 City Florists’ lists that I am not sure who actually can afford to shop in… However my lovely collection is a list of the florists I have actually used in the last year.

columbia road flower market

Shops to check out Open House (photographed) & Nom.

I think the most famous of my list has to be, Columbia Road Flower Market, at the top of the list in terms of sheer mass on offer. I was only there a couple of Sunday’s ago, beautiful sunny day and it was rammed with people as it approached 3pm closing. From banana trees to sunflower seeds there is a little bit of everything on offer with great competitive prices. I picked up some of my new favourite dried flowers and got to listen to some great live music, a friendly atmosphere for sure.

Botanique – Exmouth market

Botanique Workshop

I love this street in north Farringdon full of little boutique shops and restaurants  including the stunning Botanique a florist/artisan store. Loads of handmade and designer maker gift items from stationery to jewellery alongside their wonderful plants and authentic flower arrangements.



This is a new one to my little black book after finding it on a photowalk tour of the neighbourhood, it’s a little Aladdin’s cave of colour from the flowers to the quirky plastic animal watering cans. They do weddings, corporate events and lots of private homes with a real flair and after 21 years they know their stuff.

MRS FLORiST – Shepherds bush

Mrs Florist

Mrs Florist is a take – away styled operation with a sea of pre made arrangements ready to be snapped up on your way through this busy terminal spot between the station and the shopping centre. With a specialism in contemporary style there are four other locations across London so take a moment to drop in on your way past.

THE GATED GARDEN – borough market


Now what better place for a florist than a market, they are pretty much my favourite places to explore. You don’t need to go far in to Borough before finding The Gated Garden an open air stall filled with vibrant healthy plants and some really well priced hand bouquets. With box crates and iron trollies it’s got a really oldy feel but they also try some wicked ideas like hanging tennis ball with flowers sprouting out.


So have you got the urger to splurge on some greenery & floral blooms, you should do! nothing says welcome to a happy home than fresh flowers. Whether its a new succulent inside a cute cement planter or a giant wild flower arrangement to fill the hallway trough.