Ron Arad’s Curtain Call – At the Roundhouse, Camden

Last week I found out about a really interesting installation at the Roundhouse so made some time to go up to Chalk Farm to check it out. As part of Bloomberg Summer they invited Ron Arad, renowned artist, architect and designer, to come back again and install his unique video creation in the iconic London venue. I hadn’t actually seen it before in person only finding similar images of his works across the world and was keen to experience the immersive piece for myself.

Arad responds to the one of a kind round space by creating a curtain of silicon rods suspended from a large centre ring creating a moving, touchable canvas to project a selection of artists works in 360 degrees. The best place to watch and enjoy is right in the centre of the ring, having to brave parting the curtain to step inside the space and be immersed in not just visual but auditory content. I took time to sit, lie down, as well as walk around the ring while the different videos were playing. With nearly 2 hours of footage in total on a continuous loop you can start the experience whenever you want and just relax & observe. Not everything was to my liking but that is half the fun, with everyone having a different favourite clip there is something for everyone to enjoy including the kids.

Here are some snaps of my favourite film sections and their artists but even my wide angle lens can’t do the experience justice so its well worth going to experience it for yourself.

David ShrigleyDavid Shrigley – Walker

Gabi & Shia KlasmerGabriel & Shira Klasmer

Javier Merigeal

Babis Alexiadis


Greenaway & Greenaway

Marshmallow Laser Feast3Marshmallow Laser Show

Christian Marclay - PianoramaChristian Marclay

The engineering behind the idea, the historic space its in as well as the sheer creativity of the way the artists make their work adaptable to this unique canvas is inspiring. If you can’t make it down before 29th August check out the Roundhouse youtube channel for some videos exploring and explaining this great installation and cross your fingers for next year.