Have you seen NOIR in your neighbourhood

I have been on one of my usual wanders over the weekend, trying to get off the underground a stop early and appreciate the good weather and explore more of London. I got off at Bethnal Green and wandering in an aimless pattern towards Shoreditch High Street. I had a few loose objectives on my to do list, finally going in Jimbobart’s Cheshire Street shop for one. I picked up a naughty cake tray that I have been wanting for a while and filed away the shops location to return later.

What I can always be sure to find in Shoreditch is great street art and someone who caught my attention recently is

THierry Noir

Noir was born in France but lived in Berlin in the 80s and during that time was one of the first artists to paint the Berlin Wall. Approaching the wall was forbidden and artists painted on it as an act of rebellion against the establishment that put it in place. Noir developed his style to be done quickly using a simple recipe of ‘two ideas, three colours’. Noir’s portraits and faces are bright, iconic & seeming innocent but started as a symbol of rebellion and defiance by being painted on the deadly cement canvas.

His visual language has become world famous and even used in popular culture since then with several solo exhibitions of his work and lots of large outdoor commissions. Noir may live in Berlin but his work continues to be found around the world including in London with new pieces being added each year.

With a distinct style and consistent content Noir’s pieces are instantly recognisable and enjoyable. I have added his newest monochrome masterpiece to my weekend pilgrimage list, it can be found in the Coin Laundry on the wonderful street that is Exmouth Market near Farringdon.


Till next weeks London adventure.