The New Tate View

If you don’t live in a cave you will have by now heard about the new Tate building, its been spread around thickly in the art circle, city press and even when you look up from a walk down the south bank its pretty much… there. New additions to the cities skyline always gets my attention, as it does many others, there is just something to tall buildings that make people want to stand on top of them.

The new switch house was designed, like the original Tate Modern building, by architects Herzog & de Meuron. An almost seamless twisting pyramid like addition on top of the original tanks that’s height try’s to compete with the Tate’s existing chimney. The façade is made up of bricks that match the existing museums surface while also creating something unique. The bricks perforated lattice formation creates an optical illusion, that seems to move as you approach.The interior of the new building features raw concrete and lots of dramatic angles, the outside and inside of the building almost clash with each floor you go up never quiet reaching the walls.

This new addition is meant to be expanding the exhibition space allowing for a more international view on contemporary art but heads up it also has an observation platform. Ten floors up, 360 degrees and marvellous. Make your way past the gallery floors, up through spaces that will be dedicated to an exciting events program and finally past a shiny new restaurant. Choose a nice sunny clear day and take a look for yourself it’s well worth waiting for the slightly out of sink lifts (& maybe even braving the stairs).