Have you been to the RA Summer Exhibition yet?

I do hope you have and if not then drop what your doing and take the afternoon off and head to the Royal Academy. It’s my new favourite place at the moment so when the exhibition opened I had to make the trip and I wasn’t the only one. It is the world’s largest open-submission contemporary exhibition for established as well as emerging artist. As a cornerstone of British culture the show offers art of all forms and show the most insightful & bright stars of the time. Everyone from art critics to families go to get a look in to the creative domain and I love it!

Booking your ticket before you go saves time and gives you a time slot to aim for, go early in the morning if you want to avoid the crowds. I rebelled a little and did the exhibition backwards starting in the Lecture Room and working around anticlockwise to end in Room 3, which conveniently has a bar at its centre. Lucky.

I have pretty traditional tastes when it comes to art so some of the super edgy contemporary stuff goes a little over my head (others make me laugh) but there really is something for everyone amongst the 1,200 works of art. Here are just a couple of the piece that make it on to my wish list for my walls.


874 De Luz Tenue By Beatriz Elorza Acrylic & Oil £7,200



1192 Weeping Beech, Brooklyn Botanic Garden By Mitch Epstein Photograph £14,100


614-Littletantricbird:DanRizzle mixedmedia

614 Little Tantric Bird By Dan Rizzle Mixed Media £840


649- untitled:Gert and Uwe Tobias Woodcut on canvas

649 Untitled By Gert and Uwe Tobias Woodcut on Canvas £52,000


797-Achiote:Gillian Ayres Woodcut on Japanese Paper

797 Achiote By Gillian Ayres Woodcut on Japanese Paper £6,600


877-Sarah and the rustins still life:Ken Howard Oil

877 Sarah and the rustins still life By Ken Howard Oil £38,000


962-Does a one legged...:Reece Jones Linocut

962 Does a one legged By Reece Jones Linocut £460


1055-Chair Maquette: Katharine Morling porcelain

1055 Chair Maquette By Katherine Morling Porcelain £200



1173 I think one day I’ll slip away By Doug Aitken LightBox



686 Grand Pier By Dominic Mallin & Laura McEwen Mixed Media Collage £450



930 Conversations in London By Patricia Adderley Drypoint £230


If you haven’t been yet there is plenty of time it’s on till August 21st and if you are lucky enough to buy something from the exhibition (full catalogue available to purchase online) then I’d love to know! Art really is for everyone lots of these pricey originals have cheaper prints available or you can even get lots of them in postcards too. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy art.