New Designers Part 1 & Part 2 – Graduate Talent

So the summer comes again and a whole new class of creative graduates are well… graduating. With degree shows happening up and down the country (I went to Falmouth only a couple of weeks ago) I headed in to London for the biggest design graduate show of them all!

New Designers was new on my calendar this year but came very highly recommended from not just the students exhibiting but friends in industry that go to find young talent to commission work or recruit, discover new trends  and get to be part of a wonderful career industry. I wish I had personally exhibited at ND when I graduated! I think the preparation the exhibiting universities and students go through for an event like this really up’s the standard of work, professionality of outcomes and injects hope of an industry connection through the sponsors & awards programme.

The show includes such a wide selection of universities but also disciplines, so many in fact it has to be split in to two weeks. Part 1: for Jewellery, Contemporary Design Crafts, Textiles, Fashion & Costume Design and Part 2: Furniture, Product Spacial & Industry Design, Visual Communications. This showcase of talent spans everything from beautiful screen printed illustrations to technology advancing medical distribution equipment.

Alongside the students work there are a whole host of sponsors and associate awards helping industry links form and offer up prizes & challenges to engage in. Find lots of their glass oblongs & industry stickers in my photographs, I agreed with lots of their choices.

There is so much possibility in the room at the Angel Business Design Centre, everyone there is right at the beginning of their journey and really happy so it gives you a real creative boost to be among them. So I thought I’d share a few of my favourite university displays, student projects and trends I think are going to be popping up this year. All photos are captained with student names, schools and any other tid bit of information I thought interesting.



To be honest I could write a good paragraph on most of the students I talked to, they had so much to offer about their work; lots have online portfolios, links & even shops already! (If there are any errors in my captains, please let me know, shall update!).

I spied some well presented botanical trend ideas with lots of greenery coming though in inspiration as well as final result. However I think the biggest thing I noticed this year was designers trying to evolve the way we use & think about materials. Whether this is braking the convention of what materials we see as precious and standard or the always pertinent recyclers trying to save resources. This carried through in to the communication work with process standing tall: lots of screen prints & professionally published books never before has student work look so…not student.