What to buy this summer – All from Spirit of Summer Fair

After trying out Spirit of Christmas and enjoying its diverse curated selection of new designers and products, I put Spirit of Summer in the diary immediately. I didn’t know what to expect really I had only been to Spring Fairs before, summer for me isn’t as exciting: beach wear & sunglasses can only go so far. Especially in terms of creative design and quality pieces with some serious thought behind them.

There was still lots of familiar faces from the fairs circuit, but I went there with some mystery holiday plans in the back of my mind to shop for. So here are your summer essentials and who you should get them from.


KAFTAN /Cover up – From Lotus London

There was lots of choice when it came to wraps and beach wear cover ups but my top choice was a lovely cornflower blue option from Lotus that came in both knee & floor length styles. I choose them from their quality of material, flattering shapes & synched in waists and ageless patterns that could suit everyone.

They have a sale on at the moment so pop over to their site prices vary but start from £30, or find them on their stand at Spirit H69 for a fair discount and lots of colour choices.

If you need something a little warmer, there was plenty of woollen & cashmere options as well. You need a little more in the purse but if you look after them these quality items will last and last.

Taupe Lily of the Incas Sandals / Footwear – From Slinks

These devilish clever sandals look like any other but they have fully detachable tops which you can switch out with other designs. So after buying your bases in several colour & heel of choices you then have what looks like 10s of options to attach depending on where you are going to wear them. Bases set you back £34.99 but tops vary from £22 up to about £40, the gold pom pom’s aren’t available online yet, show special at the moment!

Tropical Palm Leaves / Towel – Palm & Peach

This is actually my find of the fair, a little unusual of an idea but the really on trend designs on top of great quality materials makes this £69 circular beach towel my top buy. It’s 150cm diameter in size with a wonderful cotton frill trim and comes with its own branded canvas tote to carry it around in.


Light Nila Basket Bag – From Kapara

All Kanara’s products are inspired by India’s rich textile history, twinning London with Jaipur making contemporary travel products based on age old techniques. It will set you back £120 but there’s lots of sizes and a nice colour pallet to choose from. The thick leather strap and sturdy canvas exterior helps them live up to their rage line: Woven to Travel.


It was really hard to choose just one bag there were lots of colourful woven options: from new unique British brands to sustainable fashion brands which products are handmade in Columbia. Offering both beautiful bags & a conscious cultural choice to your wardrobe.

Of course many of these wonderful bags came with PomPoms, its going to be hard to find something with out them soon.


Pom Pom Galore, Magnetic Set £10

Long Tassel Necklace /Jewellery – Pink Powder

I don’t care if people are already mad about PomPom’s I am still deeply involved with tassels and think brands are just getting to the point of experimenting with them for the better. This mixed material beauty made from semi-precious stones & suede will set you back £113 but there was a lot to choose from. I bought my favourite tassel piece from Atelier de Famille a silk tassel with a purply/blue satellite chain, at Spirit of Christmas, they returned again for the summer and are not to be missed.

Panama Hat / Accessories – Lacorine

So your outfit is nearly done but you can’t forget a hat, these simple classic styles work with any outfit but come in some great fruity colours allowing for some unique style points.Spirit81———-

Of course the summer isn’t all about the beach, I mean come on sand gets everywhere! So here’s some of my other fair favourites from Homewares to kids clothes and a few things in-between.

Vintage Tin Trunk /Homewares – Francesca Gentilli

Stand B56 was transformed in to a summer souk with Francesca’s rugs, floor cushions & sourced vintage trunks. Every price point is with affordable decor in mind, everything is hand loomed & unique.

Multi Coloured Embroidered Cushion /Homeware – Montes & Clark

Made by a cooperative in Mexico, all the Embroidery is done by hand and is then applied to cushions, table runners and even furniture. The folk patterns are very happy and the mix with contemporary designs are really enjoyable.

To be honest homewares is one of my favourite categories so I could go on for days! but a short gallery is what your going to get.

I don’t have any kids myself but 2 friends both with 1 year olds so I can’t help but be draw to tiny little outfits. All of these by So Pretty are beautiful, made from spanish fabrics and washing machine safe!

Poppy Dress Blue /Kids – So Pretty UK


Some yummy British wool goods from Gabrielle who makes all her pieces in her East Sussex studio and finishes them by hand. Great colours & patterns specialising in fashion and interior accessories.

Small Hot Water Bottle Cover /GIFTS – Gabrielle Vary Knitwear

It’s always hard to find quality mens gifts, the pair from Banvard & James design and make mens accessories with real thought and colour. Their pocket squares are abstract representations of famous artist paintings and truly like nothing I have seen before.

Ashwood Pocket Square /Mensware – Banvard & James

So there are my must see brands and products, the fair is on till Saturday! Or find the brands online to shop through later. Thanks for a great day Spirit Fairs and Kensington Olympia! I’ll see you again at Christmas time.