Introduction to Blogtacular Friday style!

So this is the first of several blog posts on my Blogtacular weekend adventure, it took me a while to decide to go but I am so glad I did. Blogtacular is a networking conference for bloggers from all over the world to come together meet and get inspired. Founded by the amazing Kat Molesworth she & her team put on a day of talks & workshops to inspire creativity and promote community but more about that later.

This is about the Friday night build up, to help brake the ice before the main event, Blogtacular organises several Photowalks around London lead by some great blog leaders. So many people wanted to go on a Photowalk that Carie May got asked to put on an extra walk last minute so no one missed out! So the #BlogtacularPhotowalkNorth was born!

CloudLineupExploring Primrose Hill looking for colour and beautiful things to be inspired by, enjoying the wander with my fellow bloggers getting to know them and their camera skills. Really its the houses that make up the area with the quaint high street and its collection of independent shops leading to Primrose Hill Park with its stunning view of London.


The photo walk ended up being the best way to make personal connections with other first time newbies like myself. We got to meet as friends before making a more professional connect the next day, I ended up sticking with some of my Photowalk friends for the whole conference!


I think the sun staying out for our walk, leaving our umbrellas purely for prop purposes says it all. The unexpected and unknown meanderings really got the creative juicy flowing in the spirit of things to come.

For some the Photowalks were followed with a craft party at West Elm’s Tottenham Court showroom. A sponsor for the conference who offered up a crafters paradise with tables offering everything from calligraphy to paper weaving. Those two hours were filled with a lash of free wine and lots of giggles in front of the very glitzy photo wall. All this preparation and introduction time is all part of the experience and the ticket price!

Most of the pictures are my own but they are supplemented with a few splendid images provided by Mollie Makes & their photographer Will Ireland that I couldn’t help but share. Those are captioned with From MM by Will.

What a great day Friday turned out to be and thats just the introduction for Saturday the big event but more on that to come.

Blogtacular 2016