Crafty Project 362: Cushion Cupboard

This project has been a little hidden gem for a while now as it was a gift for a friend. She had just graduated uni and upon her mothers advice I looked for a piece of vintage furniture to present her with in celebration. I had a good rummage in Heritage Antiques for a small piece of furniture, a bit of a fixer-upper that was a little bit different from what I have seen before.


And what I found was this! A small cupboard with a seat cushion on top, could have been a telephone set or maybe a piano stool…. no idea but I liked it. It also ticked all my boxes for Scarlet, she is forever running out of chairs so this cheeky extra seat I thought would come in handy.


Mini (see top corner) also gave it the thumbs up, by rubbing herself all over it.

After a good dust and clean I knew it didn’t need much doing to the wood, it had some fading due to light exposure but with a little wax gave it a new lease of life. All the nicks and natural ageing just worked in its favour.

There was lots of very old wood glue and staining inside, so I worked away at it to clean up the surface. Re-gluing the joints and the front panel in to place, then replacing a vanity panel on the inside of the door to hide away all its fixings, also to give it extra stability. Then I flipped a coin to decide whether to paint the inside of the cupboard, it had lots of drawings and scribbles that wouldn’t budge so it got a quick coat of a fabric matching grey paint.

I am not a upholstery expert but a few bench cushions and chairs later and this small cushion job was relatively easy. Spending the largest portion of this job on pulling the staples out of the wood seat before I could replace the ageing saggy foam sheet with a nice new piece.

The fabric was something out of my collection that would happily slot in to any space and could be added to with a nice neon pop coloured cushion if desired. I used carpet tacks for the visible corners then secured with a staple gun in the hidden pleats and eventual braiding I used for the edge.

Keep an eye on my social media platforms for images of the final finished project, which has found its new home in Falmouth.

This project was all done for £30 and change – using mostly DIY supplies lying around the house and a little haggle for the original salvage. Got questions about your own DIY recycle project?? Drop me a line.