Country vs. City – When it comes to Street Art

Selection of Street Art from Shoreditch & Brick Lane, London

Now if I asked you, where can you find big name street art? I expect you’d say any back alley or hipster high street in London. Well you wouldn’t be wrong but that isn’t the only place you can look. Whenever I am in London I always keep an eye out for great street art, there’s a lot of graffiti about but its all about finding new creative pieces.

Now it seems I don’t need to go very far from my front door to find great street art, in the last few months well known artist JPS from Weston-super-mare has been poping up in Chichester. Today I finally took a little wander around and had a look. With a real dose of Banksy inspiration and some great placements they really work in their environment.

Tag Cat on West Pallant and The Big Deal on North Pallant, Chichester

JPS isn’t the first street artist to appreciate the quiet historic streets of Sussex with this piece below from Stik being a local favourite. These stick people are a remnant of the Chichester Street Art Festival 2013 put on by Street Art London bringing artist: NUNCA, Liqen, RUN, Phlegm, ROA, Christiaan Nagel, Cityzen Kane, The Rolling People, Thierry Noir, Stik, Hitnes, and Dscreet to Sussex.


So the moral of the story, street art is everywhere and can be enjoyed by all.