My Saturday

So you read in Time Out or The Kentishtowner article about some well to do company founder’s weekend activities, late bunch of rye toast followed by mellow record searching in Camden and an invite only gallery opening in Soho. It’s full of tasteful name drops and ambitious dreams of a life no one lives. Real people with 9-5 jobs spend there weekends sleeping in past their alarms and doing their laundry, maybe even going to the DIY store to help fix that crack in front wall that you keep forgetting about.

I am lucky, working for myself means I usually do my ironing and DIY task list some time in the week in-between projects, leaving my weekends free to live the dream at least in part. So here it is my Saturday for you all to enjoy and read while you do your laundry.


– Drive up to the Grandparents and drop my Dad off for the day with a list of odd jobs to make himself useful doing while me and mum take the train for the last hop in to the city. Sneaking a snack on the tube up to Hoxton for the second Crafty Fox Market of the year. An area that’s a little sleepy on the morning side of noon, its distinction from its neighbouring Shoreditch is often confused.


– The Geffrye Museum is a beautiful venue for a craft fair and Crafty Fox Markets have one of the great collections of members offering up handmade & bespoke products.


Want to know more about Crafty Fox and the fairs wonderful designer makers check out this post!


– Hoping back on the tube around to Farringdon, we took a detour north to Exmouth Market, somewhere I have been waiting for the time to explore. A cute street pointing towards Finsbury filled with gift shops and tasty independent eateries. My favourite has to be Botanique, it’s the perfect mix of florist & artisan gift shop. No 31 is middle of the row and the perfect place to pick up something unique, it’s the sort of place I dream about really.


After a brief stint of rain we walked westwards towards our afternoons destination stopping for a late lunch a street north of Holborn underground station. Nothing sets you up for the afternoon better than good burgers and a craft beer or two.


– My brother is just about to move house, to be introduced to rental white walls, so the perfect afternoon stop is The Other Art Fair at Victoria House. It was my first time attending and was interested to see what they had to offer. From more traditional photography to really modern performance art there was a little of everything, including lots of young London artists. The Other Art Fair gives people an opportunity to come face to face with the artists and offers a payment scheme to make buying art more affordable. I found a few pieces I wish I could fill my walls with, lots of paper craft still being popular this year after its sky rocket to popularity. We didn’t stay too long after collecting a few contact cards, the venue proved to be a bit humid to house its enthusiastic attendees.



– Not to forget that the grand national was on we slipped in to a pub to catch the race, it made my day in the end as my horse won and I would come home to £410 winning in my bank account. Not bad for my one bet of the year!


– Jumping back on the underground we still had time for a couple more practical errands, picking up some vouchers for my brother on Oxford Street and choosing some spring flowers for my Nan as a thank you for our visit. Making our way out of London, watching out the train window as the skyline disappears behind us, to pick up Dad and journey back to West Sussex.