Crafty Fox Market – The Geffrye Museum, Hoxton

It’s Crafty Fox Market time again, this time for a Spring addition at The Geffrye Museum, Hoxton. This is one of my favourite and most complete collections of designer makers out there, with a shifting and always refreshed line up making for a great weekend.


I made the journey up in the still sleepy morning hours of Saturday in the just appearing sunshine and was really nicely surprised by the venue. Made up of lovely old ironworks almeshouses & gardens that was saved and sold on to the council to be turned in a museum for the benefit of the arts & crafts movement. No where better to browse through these designer makers wears and support independent crafts people, in my opinion.

The first item that made me get my camera out for were these Elizabethan inspired ruff rings by Karen Fox, after seeing them on the CF social media I had to keep an eye out for them. A wonderful collection of well made jewellery with a little history wrapped in to the inspiration.


A very friendly pair of ladies from Birmingham were next to draw my eye, jewellery again but a completely different style. Kirsty and Adrienne make crafty laser cut wooden collections littered with very good culture references. My favourite item from Frilly Industries with a little help from Bertha (the laser cutter) has to be the balls collection, wool balls that is. The wood is painted first and then cut, making each splash of colour unique and one of a kind. Thanks to some top notch stall signage there is plenty to see on their stall and well worth a second look.

I met a fellow mint green lover in Victoria from Little Paper Vee with her colourful illustrations & paper cutter style there are plenty of little gifts to be had. My pick were the wooden coaster sets, they would look so stylish on your coffee table and really draw the eye. (Great logo too!)

My one purchase of the day ended up being from Fox + Lilly, the lovely Laura makes everything herself from greetings card to textiles. I got myself a little gold topped ring cone, a swish addition for my bedside table. Her creations continue to evolve, so new products are always on offer.


Stephanie Duckett Ceramics offers up some wonderfully simple stone ceramics, with rough edges, mixed glazes and matt finishes. The hanging planters are particularly earthy and would work well in any kitchen.

My last jewellery trader I swear, but well worth being included Promises Promises are slap bang on trend with sleek geometric shapes and urban themed materials including a cement substitute & plenty of metal.

Just a couple of names to shop through later:

Beth Lau Braille – All your Braille needs.

Mountain & Molehill – For Owl and the Pussy cat lamps

Typelark – Cockney rhyming slang sayings.

Joydesioux – Monochrome printed pouches

Becci Maryanne – Art of what animals get up to when we are not around.

That is a lot of scrolling already and really I could go on and on, all 70 designers have something to offer whether it be a truly unique product or an inspiring brand story. Never under-estimate or under-value the talent of a designer maker. Good job Crafty Fox as always keep up the good work getting them out there.

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th at The Geffrye Museum, Hoxton