Guardian Masterclass – Advance Social Media Marketing for Brands



That’s my one word definition from last nights experience. I have been to lots of talks and classes given by experts in their fields, some better speakers than others but the pair from This Here blew me away.

Jemima and Tom the founders of This here, a data fuelled creative agency were charismatic and well versed in spreading their wealth of knowledge to a crowd of eager ready to learn people. There was no fluff, lots of fun but very succinct covering enough depth to start to understand what is truly possible for brands on social media.

So not to give too much away, I completely vouch for this Guardian Masterclass and think you should go yourselves but I’ll let you in on a couple of their top tips and a couple of ways to apply them.

Mobile comes first.

Don’t just be thinking about mobile as an extra device, you need to think of it first. Plan your social media elements for use on mobile because thats were people are spending the majority of their browsing time. Social networks are finally converting, they have real influence on the purchasing decision so give them impressive content and let the call to action do its job. Make sure to check all your online sites work on mobile as well, think load time, creative look as well as navigation.

What do you want?


A question I ask people a lot if what do you want to achieve, so check your objectives there are more benefits than you think. Whether it be to just growing your online audience & raising awareness of your brand, gathering data or even promoting a new event or product. More than ever can be achieved without even leaving the social media platform.

Quality for less.

Quality and consistency are big points in my book, and with the amount of helpful apps and advanced devices very achievable. Use templates and scheduling tools to help you plan ahead, creating easy themes inside campaign even using the same couple of filters of Instagram gives your platform a thought out look.


Don’t be afraid to experiment as you find what works for you. There is so much to choose from and you can try multiple ads in the same campaign to reach as much of your audience as possible. And for all you penny pinchers, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, a well thought out piece of content which tells a good story to your customers and improves your ability to market yourself is priceless (almost).

Video is now.

We all know a photo says a thousand words, and is 50% more likely to be interacted with but video is the golden egg right now and more achievable than ever. Technology gives all us small businesses a leg up in to the big leagues, your iPhone takes videos add an image stabiliser (like the one in Instagram) some quick edits and you have compelling authentic content. People want entertainment on the go and to get involved. If you are looking for your next interactive challenge, try the ‘Hotel Calafornia’ of paid social, Facebook Canvas. New, exciting and my next stop to investigate.


Now this is just my spin on a couple of things after listening to the amazing and brainy pair from This Here. I spend more of my time working with people on the basics of setting up online platforms and establishing their place – this stuff is the next step to truly making these platforms benefit your business. Tom & Jemima have worked with some stella clients and looking at some of their work I am not just jealous but very interested.

I shall be seeing if they have any job opening while I hope you are being convinced to take another look at your social media platforms (from your phone of course). If you want to find out more about taking your own Guardian Masterclass they are well worth your time or if you think your brand could benefit from some social media magic from This Here find them here!

Now for more wine!