Renegade Craft Fair – London

Oh my god where have you been all my life! The Renegade Craft Fair is a premium worldwide series of events showcasing the best and brightest talents from the modern design maker community. It’s a weekend-long celebration of DIY culture; a thoughtfully curated marketplace where shoppers and micro-entrepreneurs make meaningful connections. Originally started in America in 2003, 12 years later you can now find them at 22 events spanning 8 cities. Now as much as I wish I could just nip over the Atlantic I have work to do on Monday so, I thought I just had to pop along to the London incarnation 7 + 8 November. So check out the photos, drool with envy then check out the names & links to my favourite designers and must have items this Christmas! Buy them as lovely gifts or hoard for yourself, I won’t blame you.



Floral & Botanical Styling

Geo-Fleur keeps catching my attention: first at B.O.B, then in Smug during LDF now here, their wonderful geometric trends and piece of Copenhagen design are partnered with my plant of choice succulents I mean serious, dogs can keep those things alive. Alongside there different hanging planter solutions they make the perfect gift for those will little space & time. Keep the air clean and the faces happy with a new green friend from Geo-Fleur.



AME Jewels

Assembling Messy Elements

Carlotta this Italian designer had such a polished stall, with only what she need to show you on the display, her jewellery.From stackable silver rings, mismatched earrings, minimalist studs and organic necklaces, every piece is a unique piece! Throwing in a trendy tassel for good measure and her online Etsy store is well worth a look.


Sophie-Brabbins-Logo copy

Sophie Brabbins

Illustration & Pattern Design

A lovely flower coming down to us from Yorkshire, Sophie is extremely talented with an eye for detail Her traditional watercolour illustrations are transformed through the digital process and come out the other end lovely paper products and home accessories. She is making it in to my gift guide recommendations this Christmas no doubt.


1445783672637 copy


Soft Toys & Textiles

A design duo based in Oslo, Norway, Line & Linda one does the design one does the sewing a match made in heaven. The name was half the reason for mentioning them, ‘Revestreker’ is a Norwegian word for doing something clever or cunning like a fox, use it in a sentence today and impress someone. They make soft toys and pillows for children in playful and colourful Scandinavian design inspired by the Norwegian woods.


IeRPBV6pKirstin Stride

Hand Illustrated Jewellery

I was gifted a lovely pair of Kirstin’s earrings, wonderful hand painted blue tit studs, and I never knew where they came from until now. Each piece of jewellery is wonderfully hand drawn and custom orders are welcome so get exactly what you are after. Bird watcher in the family? Perfect idea.



Anna Wiscombe

Wooden Creations

Are you looking for some flowers for the house that will stay beautiful all season, how about some of Anna’s meadow flowers, they go in any vase and need minimal attention. This simply finished wooden creations have hints of an amazing colour pallet. Inspired by the Dorset countryside of her youth and made right here in London, nothing fresher.


Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 21.30.59 copy

Sarah Louise Matthews

Paper Manipulator

Paper craft was all the rage when I graduate university and it has taken its place amongst the crafty masterclasses, now everyone gets to have a go. Sarah Louise is one true paper manipulator with time and obviously the patience to do true justice and creativity to the medium. With everything from delicate botany to crisp architectural renderings. It seems she can make anything out of paper, also she has one of those Instagram feeds you dream about, well worth a peruse.




Mixed material accessories

Hali Emminger is the chief designer and fabricator behind Hechizo accessories, combining ceramics, metals and leather into items made to be cherished, hailing from upstate New York she has come from Renegades sister events across the ocean. It was worth the trip just for the interesting talk about the weather, but also the insight in to the designer herself. The inspiration for her Worry doll necklaces comes from her own childhood and Latin American folklore, couldn’t we all use a little help to take those worries away.


1442649815845 copy copy

Oh Squirrel


I stepped up to Katie’s stand oh Squirrel and I managed to tick off everything I look for, a splash of Liberty print a well priced good combo gift idea and some nice packaging to put it in. From lovely stationary to non tacky hen party favours there was lots to choose from, get in contact for your own tactile wedding stationary needs and those bespoke ideas.



And here are a few more picture and designers to remember for later, I could talk more about them all but think I should leave a few amazing discoveries for you to explore.